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Acquire Automation is a pioneer in manufacturing and packaging solutions. Our field-experienced, passionate team – headquartered in 30,000 square feet in Fishers, Indiana – brings literally hundreds of years of combined experience and documented best practices to successfully engineer specialized manufacturing & packaging vision solutions and automation equipment. Acquire Automation ensures brand protection by enabling quality, safe and compliant product development, manufacturing, and packaging.


Industries overview


Acquire Automation specializes in vision inspection systems and automation equipment solutions, services, custom equipment design, and production and assembly.
Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage manufacturing/packaging industry demands brand quality and protection, along with actionable data to drive real-time production statistics and process control.
Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods manufacturing demands cost-effective manufacturing & packaging technologies. Acquire effectively improves product safety and quality while drastically reducing recall risks.

Nutrition & Supplements

The nutrition, vitamin, and supplement industry necessitates expert understanding of manufacturing, particularly inspection, automation, and serialization, with strict FDA/regulatory compliance needs.


Wine/liquor/spirits consumers expect exceptional experiences, from perfect packaging to unparalleled quality. Acquire delivers wine, liquor, and spirits bottling/packaging inspection & automation solutions.
Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturing requires understanding manufacturing, automation, and testing, particularly for glucose monitors, heart rate monitors, injection devices, and other 21 CFR Part 8XX devices.


With strict adherence required to meet safety, regulatory and manufacturing protocols in the pharmaceutical industry, it is one of the most complex manufacturing/packaging environments in the world today.
OEM Market

OEM Market

OEM Manufacturers need to guarantee and control quality to a high degree. Our vision inspection and automation solutions help you attain and maintain quality.
Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Regardless of industry, manufacturing requires a knowledge of automation and control. Acquire builds upon the strengths of each industry to provide optimal inspection/automation equipment.




Product Identity

Label, Print & Product Identity

Did you know that more than 60% of FDA recalls are related to labeling and printing issues? Acquire can help dramatically reduce label/print problems… while potentially reducing labor costs!
Component and Assembly

Component & Assembly Verification

Component and assembly verification solutions — Component Spec Verification; Cap, Integrity, and Fill Level; and Product/Package Assembly — are designed for 100% inspection/accuracy, eliminating the possibility of substandard products.
Product Packaging

Full Product Packaging & Quality Verification

Vision solutions in an automated environment lead to accuracy, speed, and the ability to review detail to quickly address issues. From adding a unique code and inspecting a bottle label in 360 degrees, to verifying tamper band integrity, vision solutions support every industry.
Film Inspection

Web & Film Inspection

Acquire Automation’s web and film inspection offerings provide manufacturing companies with absolute assurance that surface and print defects are discovered on continuous web and film manufacturing & packaging processes.

Pharmaceutical / Medical Device Reconciliation

During any pharmaceutical or medical device production lot, a single missing label or product can wreak havoc on your operations. Acquire can eliminate those worries with our reconciliation solutions.
Vision Integration

Vision Integration

A key component to vision systems is the ability to integrate them into your already existing or planned production line, from installation, to training your team, to assuring minimal maintenance and maximum uptime.
Robotic Guidance

Robotic Guidance

Robotic guidance is one of the fastest-growing segments in manufacturing. Acquire utilizes cutting-edge robotic guidance and inspection technology as a solution to your automation handling, inspection, and quality needs.
Medical Device Assembly

Medical Device Assembly

At Acquire, we design comprehensive solutions for your medical device assembly needs, ensuring cost-efficiency, quality control, FDA compliance, testing and validation of the final assembled medical device.