Individual Testimonials


Individual Testimonials

“We use hundreds of different labels and it’s critical to ensure that the correct label is affixed to every bottle,” said Tom Grimsley, Jr., Bottling Manager, McIlhenny Company. “For example, if we produce an order intended for Germany with Austrian labels we will not only have an unhappy customer but also considerable expenses to remake and reship the product. Since we produce a premium product, we also want to be sure that every label is straight and in the correct position.

About two years ago I went to a packaging trade show with our purchasing manager, night shift manager, and maintenance manager to look at the latest vision inspection systems for bottling lines.  We concluded that Acquire Automation had the best performing solution for 360 degree inspection.

The entire process was very seamless and integration was very simple.  It’s a very user friendly system and has been well-accepted by our operators.  I want to mention one of the nice things about working with Acquire Automation is that they make you feel like you are their only customer.”   – Tom Grimsley, Jr., Bottling Manager, McIlhenny Company
“We engaged Acquire Automation to create a vision inspection solution for our handheld blood glucose meters. What made Acquire stand out is knowledge of our industry, its friendly, flexible and reliable staff. Acquire Automation met defined timelines, resulting in a pleasant project. The company did an excellent job managing our project, which required less oversight on our part. Acquire Automation provided the entire skill set necessary, including development, testing, documentation and management, to complete the job. Most importantly, Acquire’s experience in the medical regulated environment proved invaluable.”     – Jeff
“We tasked Acquire Automation with designing, building and commissioning vision inspection systems within Dreyers Grand Ice Cream. Instead of just integrating other manufacturers’ equipment, Acquire’s engineers developed technology that allows them to respond to a variety of customer needs. They have consistently made themselves readily available to answer questions and troubleshoot problems whenever we need them. I definitely recommend Acquire Automation’s services to other companies because of the experience and responsiveness of the company’s engineering and service departments.”     – Derrick
“Acquire Automation completed a 2D scanning and product recognition project for our plant. The company provided a reliable system, on-time delivery, exceptional service, full installation support and competitive pricing.”     – Firas
“At Hologic, we are committed to developing innovative technologies and best-in-class medical products intended to improve the quality of women’s health care. Acquire Automation worked with us to create a product label printing and reconciliation station that printed and checked labels for accuracy using vision. Acquire Automation is easy to work with and assist us when any issue arises. The company delivers their projects on time and within budget. Acquire Automation has the necessary experience to draft validation documents and is able to assist in executing validation protocols.”      – Kevin
“We first heard of Acquire Automation after they successfully completed projects at a sister facility of ours in Houston. Our project with them consisted of installing and training for six enclosures capable of scanning 2D codes on the lid and sidewall of round ice cream containers that would detect incorrect or missing codes and reject them.

Acquire Automation stood out from other companies we considered working with because they were more willing to customize a solution to meet our business needs. The biggest benefit to working with them is their commitment to the project’s success — not just the completion of the installation. Acquire continues to help us troubleshoot issues well after the initial installation. They were especially helpful in coordinating the post-installation support, responding very quickly to e-mails and phone calls. I would recommend Acquire Automation to any business partner.”     – Rick