Automation Equipment

Automation Equipment

Automation Equipment for Manufacturing & Packaging

Acquire’s automation solutions are so important, we named the company after them. Automation equipment for manufacturers helps increase quality while lowering labor costs.

Automation equipment is used in a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical to food & beverage to medical devices and OEM & industrial manufacturing, and equipment is often controlled by complex, high speed programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and vision inspection cameras to serve and validate your organization’s exact manufacturing automation needs.

Acquire Automation has, over the past two decades, developed expertise in a range of automated equipment, including:

  • Robotic guidance and production inspection
  • Product test stands, and particularly medical device product test stands
  • Custom automated product assembly and verification
  • Supervisory HMI (Human Machine Interface) and control systems
  • Conveying and product handling solutions
  • Vision System Integration and Verification
  • Complete packaging line and line integration solutions

After understanding your needs and thorough planning, each of these systems is developed from our existing hardware and software base to a client’s needs. The automation equipment is integrated as an entire system (hardware, software, people) into your existing production equipment, or can be setup as an independent system.

Some of our automation equipment includes Robotic Guidance Systems (used to speed production with greater accuracy), medical device assembly systems to automate custom assembly, and complete inspection lines tailored to handle and inspect your assembled products in-line at high production rates. Each of these state-of-the-art technologies are closely paired by our engineering team with integration expertise to enhance client applications.

Acquire knows automation, and is focused on helping you enhance quality and efficiency while vastly reducing quality and recall risks. If you would like to increase profits with greater manufacturing automation, please contact us here or call us today at 317.849.3350 for a free, no-obligation impact assessment.