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The food and beverage manufacturing industry demands brand quality and protection, along with actionable data to drive real-time production stats and process control. With the power of social media, each and every client is seeking to not only protect their brand, but to guarantee their name symbolizes quality. Don’t leave this critical aspect up to process sampling; in changing, high-speed environments only 100% verification will do! Acquire has helped numerous customers to verify complete product quality; eliminating product label and print issues and recalls, product and component assembly errors, out of specification product and components, and product identity and traceability challenges.

With state-of-the-art technology, Acquire’s experienced engineers continually refine and improve our software to solve your manufacturing inspection and automation needs using standard, off-the-shelf solutions that can easily be configured to your requirements.

Acquire Automation is known as a pioneer in food and beverage packaging technology and solutions. Our talented experts have over a century of combined experience implementing high-tech inspection solutions, always keeping in mind manufacturing costs, safety, overall quality, and regulatory requirements of your food-grade manufacturing line. Acquire endeavors to ensure your products have the highest quality and brand image, using our tried and true solutions.

Acquire endeavors to ensure your products have the highest quality and brand image, using our tried and true solutions.

In fact, our Prism utilizes the latest camera (or cameras), 3D profilers, and automation technology to provide a vision inspection system that is perfect for the food & beverage industry. Prism quickly identifies, tracks, and rejects nonconforming products, allowing for operators, maintenance workers, supervisors, or engineers to quickly review and understand why a product was rejected.

The true value of our products is in the easy-to-use software. Your personnel will enjoy working with the system, with its flexibility for expansion and adaptability to changing requirements. This added technology from Acquire Automation brings quality assurance and consistency to the greatest level possible in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Check out the following Acquire products, which are perfect for the food & beverage manufacturing industry:

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