Automation Equipment

Medical Device Assembly

Medical device assembly requires a comprehensive understanding of equipment manufacturing, automation, testing, and validation. A high degree of expertise is absolutely essential to automate assembly of medical devices with complete confidence. At Acquire, we make it our business to design comprehensive solutions for your medical device assembly needs, ensuring cost-efficiency, quality control, and compliance with industry regulations. We have built many automated medical device assembly systems over the years in accordance with FDA validation requirements to which our medical device assembly customers must comply.

Acquire Automation is focused on efficiently automating medical device assembly to improve processes and quality. We recognize that very few medical device solutions are “off the shelf.” Acquire’s highly experienced engineers ensure that all equipment and automation designs fit your needs. In fact, our medical device assembly experts can support you from the beginning all the way through successful scale up of your medical device manufacturing, packaging and validation.

Our tried and true approach to custom equipment design ensures automation success and client satisfaction. With the regulatory requirements and need for robust, high speed automation, our engineers utilize modular design and programming to leverage solid, proven techniques. Each customer undergoes a thorough process review prior to proposal, a complete design review prior to fabrication, and rigorous factory acceptance testing prior to shipment to verify you are receiving a custom machine that meets your exact specifications.

Our custom automated system experience includes assembly, testing and inspection machines. A few of the product lines we have provided solutions for include:

  • Catheter valves
  • I.V. components
  • Site biopsy devices
  • Surgical implants and devices
  • Syringes
  • Consumer/hospital smart devices and meters
  • Smart phone applications
  • Dispensing devices

Acquire also offers standard validation packages to meet latest regulatory standards, including Design Documents, Factory Acceptance and Commissioning, Trace Matrices, and Installation and Operation Qualification.

If you need a custom automation equipment and medical device industry specialist, contact us here or call 317.849.3350 today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your medical device assembly needs.