By Ross McDonald, Director of Equipment

A pet food supplier ran into packaging issues with illegible print, missing tags, and unsealed bags. These issues led to product spillage, spoilage and the possibility of customer recalls for labeling and identification issues.

Our team deployed a Product ID and Quality Inspection System based on our Prism software platform. The system allowed for inspection of the print on the bag and verified that all tags were present and that the seal area did not have any issues. The system accomplished the inspections at approximately 120 bags per minute with variable text position and length. Our team also developed a small applet to allow for the print information to be sourced directly to our Prism platform from the plant MES (Manufacturing Execution System). The solution provides 100% fail-safe inspection of every bag that is produced on the line.

Seam and Seal Verification Example

Variable Text Verification Example

The customer saw a real opportunity to repurpose labor within the plant to a role more suitable than manually inspecting the products and coding. This equated to an approximate annual savings of $72k per year with an ROI for our system of fewer than twelve months. The customer also expected and did receive a vast quality boost with regards to the print and product quality on the products they were shipping to the consumer store shelves.

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