Requirements from packaging buyers continue to change, becoming ever more demanding, seeking lower prices, better quality and just in time delivery. This is against the backdrop of ever-increasing substrate costs, complex material structures, demanding graphics, stricter regulatory statutes, and increasing operating costs.

Automated inspection can save you time and money on plastics and film extrusion processes by:

• Stopping embarrassing defects from being delivered to customers

• Identifying repeating defects as quickly as possible

• Improving the quality of substrates (measure at production time and check again on incoming)

• Removing inline waste and pushing make ready waste to a minimum

• Improving yields by early intervention

• Supporting standardization across process lines and sites guaranteeing consistency

• Empowering CI and Lean Manufacturing requirements by providing up to the minute enterprise level statistics.

Acquire Automation delivers integrated machine vision inspection solutions powered by OneBoxVision for continuous 100% inspection of plastic film extrusion processes. Our solutions use commercial off the shelf components combined with an open architecture approach to software.

For more information, download OneBoxVision’s whitepaper on inspection solutions or connect with our team.