Pressure to improve quality and lower costs is growing despite mounting regulations, operating and substrate costs, and complex materials and graphics. Below are 7 ways automation not only improves quality but also lower costs associated with In-Mold Labeling:

  1. Stops embarrassing defects from being delivered to customers
  2. Identifies repeating defects quickly
  3. Locates and pinpoints the mold cavity causing the issue
  4. Eliminates the need for manual inspection at the pack location
  5. Improves yields and reduces time spent on reproduction for quality issues
  6. Supports standardization across process lines and sites guaranteeing consistency
  7. Empowers CI and Lean Manufacturing requirements by providing up to the minute enterprise level statistics.

Acquire Automation delivers integrated machine vision inspection solutions powered by our simple and easy to use inspection platforms. Our platforms are specifically designed with simplicity in mind and allow for real time product inspection, batch/count data and metrics, real time alarms, image collection, batch or daily logs, and user authentication as standard features.

Our solutions use commercial off the shelf components combined with an open architecture approach to software.

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