Fishers, IN – Acquire Automation’s new Q Series TrackQ solution reduces the risk of recalls or incorrect shipments of products due to mix-ups during assembly and packaging. The solution is for small batch style processing with a large number of SKU’s. It tracks the production of multi-part assemblies through the individual steps of the assembly process, recording the steps and capturing data that creates an audit database that confirms regulatory compliance. Capturing this data automatically eliminates the need for manual data entry, speeds internal processes, reduces paperwork and ensures accuracy.

The TrackQ solution checks the tray ID against the work order, alerting the production line operator in real time of any discrepancies. Simultaneously, the system automatically updates the user’s ERP system as to the location and status of that work batch.

TrackQ uses automatic track and record functionality to ensure that all documentation associated with the assembly matches the actual product through every step of the workflow assembly and packaging process. As the assembly moves through the production line(s), all locations and assembly steps are recorded in a master database. TrackQ Transfer Stations also seamlessly track assemblies as they move from the standard process area to another work area, such as a clean room.

TrackQ software is scalable, functioning in sites that include one terminal, multiple terminals, and even multiple facility locations. The standard software includes a touchscreen PC interface and monitor controller and Track and Record hardware, as well as an operator work station or transfer station.

Acquire Automation, Inc. is an industry leader in manufacturing and vision system solutions for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical device, industrial manufacturing and consumer goods industries. These systems can inspect targets ranging from individual parts to complete manufactured products as well as the labels and codes applied to them. Headquartered in Fishers, Indiana, Acquire Automation serves customers throughout North America. For further information about Acquire and its inspection systems, email or visit