OmniView 360 Product Inspection Technology

OmniView is Acquire Automation’s 360 degree container inspection solution. Most products are not flat, and so oftentimes inspecting your bottles, tubes, and containers can be very difficult to inspect via single camera or manual inspection. OmniView allows for inspection after labeling allowing for identification of many of the errors that can occur during the labeling process. Additionally in the past, a line-scan image of the object would be acquired using a complex mechanical device to rotate each piece, thus slowing down production.

Now, with OmniView, product inspection has never been so easy. Manufacturing and Packaging clients utilize OmniView for 360 degree inline container inspection which offers less intrusive integration and higher manufacturing throughput than prior methods. You’ll have a higher degree of labeling integrity versus inspecting labels prior to application, and you’ll have the ability to machine inspect 100% of a cylindrical object’s circumference.

Multiple cameras take independent images, then OmniView software stitches each image together to “unwrap” the product, as if magically flattening the image. This flattened image of your 3D product can then be processed with a variety of tools:

  • Optical Character Verification/Recognition of fixed and variable text
  • Barcode inspection (1D and 2D)
  • Print quality inspection
  • Part Gauging (Caps, Closures, label skew)
  • Pattern Matching

OmniView can inspect up to 1,200 parts per minute, and offers a standard, easy-to-use interface. GigE camera technology assures the highest quality images with reliable gear, and the technology package supports solutions in: Label, Print and Product ID, Component Verification, and Full Product Quality and Packaging Verification.

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Acquire Automation would like to help you “unwrap” your products for fast quality control and visual verifications. For more information on OmniView, please contact us here or call us today at 317.849.3350 for a free, no-obligation impact assessment.