Acquire Automation designs and builds machine vision systems that automate many critical quality control tasks with repeatability and accuracy that can satisfy even the most demanding quality assurance requirements and procedures. Whatever the industry or application, Acquire Automation can design and build a solution. The following are a few of our standard yet customization solutions.

The Prism Inspection System provides a standard vision inspection platform that can be applied to a wide range of industry-specific applications. The Prism is a PC-based system that is capable of tackling any vision application. The system includes a 21 CFR Part 11 compliance package for meeting pharmaceutical validation requirements.

OmniView utilizes the latest in vision technology to allow for 360-degree in-line container inspection. The state of the art vision technology unwraps and stitches images, allowing customers to inspect labels on the container.

Systems utilizing our Spectrum Machine Vision platform increase efficiencies and accuracy while utilizing a compact platform.

Label Printing and Reconciliation Systems provides an on-line or off-line label inspection solution; standard with a Zebra printer.  LPRS is often utilized for 100% label inspection, E-Pedigree, anti-counterfeiting, product track and trace, and unit level serialization.

Acquire Automation’s Tray Inspection Systems (TIS) are a series of automated counting and verification systems designed and developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.