Label & Print Reconciliation Systems


Label Print & Reconciliation System for Manufacturers

Acquire Automations’s Label Print and Reconciliation System (also known as LPRS) is a simple, easy-to-use system for label printing, inspection and reconciliation. The LPRS is designed for 100% inspection and tracking of product labels prior to application. Both passed and rejected labels are tracked, traced and reported electronically by the system, significantly reducing the labor required for inspection and reconciliation.


Clients often have lower volume products that cannot justify the investment of a high speed labeler and applicator for each product. Acquire has perfected our Label Printer and Reconciliation System (LPRS) for complete inspection and accountability within your label management and labeling processes.

Acquire’s LPRS includes a variety of vision inspection capabilities, including:

  • Critical text verification (lot, date of manufacture, product id, etc.)
  • Bar code inspection (1D and 2D)
  • Print quality inspection
  • Serialized information

One option many of our customers are choosing is the Acquire’s latest pdf artwork import feature. With this option, there is no longer a need to train with the actual label image. Import your artwork, select key inspection areas, and start the system!  This feature also downloads the artwork from a network location automatically; notifying operations if their artwork has changed since the last date of printing or configuration.

Acquire’s LPRS offers a user-friendly operator interface, so you can reduce your labor costs while increasing the quality and accuracy of your label inspections. And we back it all with an in-house team of engineers dedicated to your manufacturing and labeling success.

Please also see the data sheet for more information >

With the Product ID and Serialization feature, LPRS can also be integrated to support E-Pedigree, anti-counterfeiting, product track and trace unit level serialization requirements. Specific product information can now be 100% tracked and traced throughout your manufacturing process.

Acquire Automation’s new Q Series tabletop label print and reconciliation system simplifies label printing, inspection, and accountability by integrating three critical operations into one system. This new version of the Acquire LPRS system is a desktop industrial print and inspection verification system designed for smaller batch print jobs. LabelQ is designed specifically to meet the print requirements of medical device, pharmaceutical, and contract manufacturers. To learn more, download the LabelQ Datasheet here.

Acquire Automation would like to help solve your label printing and reconciliation issues. For more information on LPRS, please contact us here or call us today at 317.849.3350 for a free, no-obligation impact assessment.