Tray Inspection System


Tray Inspection System for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Acquire Automation’s automated Tray Inspection System (TIS) for the pharmaceutical industry accurately and efficiently counts and verifies multiple product components via a complex color inspection process. The Tray Inspection System automates tray inspections for maximum accountability, reconciliation/tray counting, and identifies “stranger/mismatching” products. By eliminating count-related deviations and resultant reworks, you can be confident that your glass vials, syringes, ampoules and other pharmaceutical tray-loaded components will be fully accounted for throughout manufacturing within this highly regulated industry.


Our Tray Inspection Systems are specifically designed to solve client application challenges related to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Reconciliation field. Acquire’s Tray Inspection System consists of three comprehensive product models that can be configured to your application needs. Each solution handles a variety of tray sizes, is capable of single user operation, requires minimal mechanical changeover, and includes robust state of the art vision tools to ensure accurate counts.

The Tray Inspection System line includes: TIS 1000, 2000, and 3000 with aspects as outlined in the chart below. These systems accurately count and verify product components like caps and stoppers, as well as defective products (missing components like caps, stoppers, etc.). They will also inspect for “stranger product” (product mix-up prevention).

TIS 1000TIS 2000TIS 3000
Low cost/small footprintMedium FootprintErgonomically designed operator interface
Manual tray processingSingle Conveyor SystemDual Conveyor System
PortableAutomatic tray handlingAutomatic tray handling and rejection
Minimal moving partsIlluminated clearance area below conveyorIlluminated clearance area below conveyor
Dual front and read HMI’s
Higher system throughput

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Acquire’s Tray Inspection System exists to make your manufacturing process easier, safer, and more cost-efficient. We are dedicated to the prevention of manufacturing issues, rework, and recalls by focusing on improving your quality and consistency.

Whatever your company’s tray inspection needs, our expert engineers can help you determine which TIS system is right for you. Acquire Automation provides comprehensive tray inspection solutions for your manufacturing needs. For more information or to speak with a tray inspection specialist, contact us here, or call us at 317.849.3350 today for a free, no-obligation impact assessment.