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Robotic Guidance

Because robotic guidance and control is one of the fastest-growing segments in manufacturing today, Acquire Automation is utilizing cutting-edge robotic guidance and inspection technology as a solution to your automation handling, inspection, and quality-control needs.

Why robotics? The competitive nature of manufacturing demands a continual increase in production, improved quality, and maximization of profits while also meeting stringent regulations. The use of Acquire’s robotic guidance systems ensures increased quality control, safety, and optimal performance at the speed required to meet your goals. In order to effectively pick and place or assemble products, a robot must know the position, orientation, and status of each product. Of course, not every industrial automation system requires the use of a vision-guided robot system. In applications where the location of a part is or can be made repeatable—for example, it is placed in a nest on a conveyor belt—then 2D or 3D robotic mechanisms can be programmed to pick and place products as required. For many applications, the precise location is not known and cannot be made repeatable. For these applications, vision driven robotic guidance is essential.

Our experienced engineers assess your current setup to design and implement the right guidance system to meet the unique needs and goals of your company. We also ensure that the most beneficial products and technologies are matched to your staffs’ skills, equipment, lines, and products. We provide the expertise that is critical to assisting your company evolve its production systems while successfully managing and minimizing risk.

We have multiple partnerships with packaging machine vendors who standardize on Prism to provide robust vision solutions directly integrated to their equipment, or our custom equipment team often designs specific solutions for unique applications. Don’t allow vision inspection and part identification to be an afterthought; our partners and customers rely on Acquire for their vision guidance and inspection requirements to guarantee success.

Our experienced engineering design team makes use of numerous robotic platforms, applications, and vision guidance systems that can assist with custom part handling and inspection, assembly, and tray loading/inspection.

If you’re ready to explore robotics guidance systems for your production needs, contact our specialists here or call 317.849.3350 today for a free, no-obligation impact assessment.