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Vision Integration Services for Manufacturing & Packaging

Acquire Automation offers a wide range of vision solutions for manufacturers. A key component to offering entire vision systems is the ability to integrate those vision systems into your already existing or planned production line to assure 100% functionality.

Vision systems use cameras to reject non-standard products, thus reducing risks such as recall, safety, regulatory, and legal issues, while decreasing labor costs and enhancing the quality of your delivered products. Our clients can literally see how their products are passing (or not passing) regulatory benchmarks, while analyzing data to see if production has improved over time. This can all be done with the existing manufacturing line that you already know, using vision integration services.


There are a number of important components to vision integration, from installing vision equipment onto existing production lines, to training your team, to assuring minimal maintenance and uptime.

Our easy-to-use software has been continually refined and can be quickly configured to interface with nearly any manufacturing production equipment in just about any industry. Hardware, from smart cameras to 3D profilers, to conveyor systems and more, is customized to your manufacturing line, then paired seamlessly with the software.

While Acquire offers our off-the-shelf inspection solutions, some customers are seeking to integrate a specific smart camera solution such as Cognex or Matrox. Our expert staff and premier maintenance and support solutions drive Fortune 500 clients to partner with Acquire to ensure they have implementation, training, and support for years to come.

Our systems and support ensure operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year to catch manufacturing discrepancies of almost any type. Once installed and running, our vision integration experts offer no-cost remote support for 90-days after purchase of a system, as well as reasonable ongoing remote monitoring and maintenance contracts.

Integrating a vision system into your existing line has never been as easy. Add or enhance the visibility of each and every product leaving your line. Feel free to contact us online or call us at 317.849.3350 today for a free, no-obligation impact assessment.