Component & Assembly Verification

Product and Package Components & Assembly Verification for Manufacturers

Manufacturing and packaging your product is essential to any business delivering a product. Often, manufacturers are excellent at developing, marketing and manufacturing a product. The challenge is in the myriad of variables that impact process control and quality during production; just a few of those variables include material variations (such as out-of-specification components), equipment set-up and operation (varying based upon personnel preference from shift to shift), and changing products and packaging due to evolving customer needs. Acquire’s vision solutions enable clients to not only inspect and reject non-conforming products, but to maintain and improve process controls in changing environments.

Acquire Automation’s Spectrum and Prism vision inspection products are excellent at solving challenges related to product and packaging assembly including:

  • Carton and Tray Component Verification: Regardless of your industry, verifying all products, components, and literature present within a tray or carton – and subsequently verifying that the components are loaded into the correct package – is essential to customers satisfaction as well as strict regulations. Acquire Automation’s Spectrum vision system can be utilized to verify components prior to loading into automated cartons or prior to tray sealing. Furthermore, the system will verify that the components have been loaded into the proper package, giving you assurance every customer will be satisfied.
  • Assembly Verification: The automated manufacturing of assembled products is necessary within many industries like packaging, nutrition, medical device, and pharmaceuticals. For these industries, identification of every component along with verification of proper fitment and assembly is an effective way to optimize and monitor processes. At the same time, you can limit costly rework related to improper assembly or missed process steps often identified too late in the manufacturing process. For example, Acquire products are regularly utilized to verify that medical device pen assemblies and subassemblies are manufactured to precise specifications and subsequently loaded into the proper packaging for shipment.

The Acquire team of engineers is dedicated to helping solve your long-term manufacturing and packaging process issues in an ever-changing environment.

Acquire Automation can support your line with our vision and automation products, increasing your throughput and assuring you get those critical products reach your customers with all components intact and accurately identified. Please contact us here or call us today at 317.849.3350 for further information.