Label & Print Inspection

Direct Part Marking & Coding Solutions for Manufacturing & Packaging

Manufacturers often need to code, mark, and identify products so that they may later have information on when, where, and by whom a product was manufactured. This may be mandated by law in certain industries (such as food, beverage, and medical/pharmaceutical manufacturing), or may just be how you keep your quality and service at the highest level.

It’s especially important in the food and beverage field, where having a “sell by” date automatically applied can dramatically reduce your risks of consumer concerns. Traceability of a bad product is the key to limiting a recall. It’s also essential in the medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, where all products must be properly marked and verified with lot number and expiration dates.

First, a method (such as laser or ink-jet technology) is determined on how to code a product during manufacturing. Then a mark – such as a serial number or barcode – can be individually made during manufacturing. Marks can be made on a wide variety of products and packaging materials, such as plastics, cardboard, cartons, films, metals, cans, ceramics, and much more. Then this mark is verified by a vision system, to assure it was made and printed correctly. This assures accuracy and quality on a wide range of products.

Having the best direct part marking and coding solutions software and camera technology solves several problems. Automating the encoding, marking, and inspection software decreases manual labor, and is vastly more accurate. It almost entirely eliminates the possibility of mis-marked or unmarked products ensuring security and identification throughout your supply chain.

There are a variety of verification solution options to mark and verify products, such as 1D, 2D, and human readable text. These often require data retention tools to record and track the results for various products so that you know what happened, when, and can use that information in the future.

Our Mark and Verify solution can be used off-the-shelf to directly print and inspect utilizing ink-jet or laser marking technology in a complete, off-the-shelf solution. Additionally, Spectrum can be integrated to existing print and marking operations to increase marking quality and legibility.

Acquire Automation’s direct part marking and coding solutions are essential in a modern manufacturing line, protecting you from recall and increasing your profits. Please contact us here or call us today at 317.849.3350 for a free, no-obligation impact assessment.