Label & Print Inspection

Label Placement & Print Vision Solutions for Manufacturing & Packaging

Just about every manufacturing industry needs to assure proper label placement and print quality. Accurate and precise placement is necessary for your brand confidence, as well as to comply with regulations and various laws in industries such as food, beverage, and medical/pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Did you know that more than 60% of FDA recalls are related to labeling and printing issues? Would you like to dramatically reduce this risk while potentially reducing labor costs at the same time?

Label placement and print vision solutions can help you avoid these and other types of recalls, while assuring your product always looks great on shelves and to your customers. Manual quality control is expensive, and manufacturing employees, no matter how great, often do not catch very small differences or have a momentary lapse and miss important problems.

Acquire Automation has a large array of solutions to assure proper label placement and print inspection. Each of our products is designed to complete a full label inspection, including checking your label print quality; lot, date and variable information verification; 1D & 2D code verification; and also to identify issues such as skew, incorrect placement, or wrinkles on a label.

Our PRISM solution can be used off-the-shelf, with up to 12 or more cameras that can inspect up to 1,200 parts per minute.

Our SPECTRUM solution can also be used off-the-shelf for on-line label inspection using your existing system or systems. It includes up to 4 cameras and up to 200 parts per minute.

Our LPRS (Label Print and Reconciliation System) is a complete offline printing, inspection, and accountability tool that can print and inspect your labels anywhere.

Acquire Automation combines software, superior camera technology, top-notch service, and deep industry knowledge to assure label and print position, ID, lot, and verification services, on or off your manufacturing line, with pre-built or customized solutions.

Acquire Automation’s label placement and print inspection solutions not only protect you from recall or brand damage, but can also optimize your production line, improve data collection and accountability, and increase your profits. Please contact us here or call us today at 317.849.3350 for a free, no-obligation impact assessment.