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Serialization and Identification Solutions for Manufacturing & Packaging

Serialization in Pharmaceuticals or Unique Device Identification (UDI) in Medical Devices – in other words, adding a unique identifier to each and every product to track the product throughout the supply chain for authenticity – is becoming a growing necessity in pharmaceutical and medical device industries and is becoming increasingly prevalent in nutraceuticals, wine/spirits, and food packaging as more and more regulatory agencies require it. Additionally, it makes good business sense for clients who have an excellent brand to protect from counterfeiters.

According to WHO estimates, 10% to 15% of the world’s drug supply is counterfeit, with deadly consequences. Food counterfeiting in China have resulted in multiple deaths due to contaminated ingredients with prosecutions for criminal offenses. In July 2013 French authorities reported seizing 100 tons of fish, seafood, and frog legs whose origin was incorrectly labeled; 1.2 tons of fake truffle shavings; 1100 pounds of inedible pastries; false Parmesan cheese from America and Egypt; and liquor from a Dutch company falsely marketed as tequila. In Britain fake vodka was found to contain bleach and high levels of methanol, and engine oil was found in olive oil. Proper serialization and identification solutions help prevent both counterfeiting as well as limits recall risks and customer harm.

Serialization and identification solutions rely on a mix of manufacturing hardware & software to label the product, and software to generate a semi-random, globally unique identification, which then must be verified on the product and tracked. Often the electronic records associated with the product are required to be made available to regulatory agencies, such as the e-Pedigree requirements in California.

Acquire’s Mark & Verify solution allows manufacturers to setup or upgrade manufacturing lines with a serialization and identity solution suited to your specific needs. Whether you need 1D, 2D, or human readable text, and whether you need our system to generate the unique identifiers or you need to integrate with your own, whether you want the serialization tool to reside on your existing manufacturing line or remotely, Mark & Verify solution is up to the challenge.

Acquire Automation’s serialization and identification solutions are not only required in many instances, but they also help protect you from counterfeits while limiting recall liability. Please contact us here or call us today at 317.849.3350 for a free, no-obligation impact assessment.