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Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Reconciliation

The pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing and packaging industries demand expertise in a variety of areas along with the world’s best quality-control procedures, including reconciliation and accountability of each and every unit. During any pharmaceutical or medical device production lot, a single missing label or product can wreak havoc on the efficiency and quality of your operations. Acquire can eliminate those worries with our reconciliation solutions. The two primary areas Acquire focuses upon for reconciliation and accountability are related to (1) labels, labeling, and accountability, and (2) injectable product accountability. Acquire has specific solutions to address your accountability and reconciliation challenges:

Labeling and Accountability – our state-of-the-art Label Printer and Reconciliation System (LPRS), provides an integrated solution for label printing, inspection, and reconciliation. LPRS provides 100% reconciliation in a way that significantly reduces the intense labor required for reconciliation of printed labels. Click here to learn more about Acquire’s Label Printer and Reconciliation System.

Injectable Product Accountability and Reconciliation – Acquire has also developed a series of automated Tray Inspection Systems (TIS) specifically for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Our TIS offerings eliminate count-related deviations and resultant reworks as specific job lots are run within filling and packaging operations. This innovative system is both cost-efficient and incredibly accurate. Designed for ease of line clearance, TIS is available in three different setups, allowing the footprint and throughput to suit your manufacturing needs. For more information on our individual Tray Inspection Systems, click here.

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