Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Reconciliation

Label Printing & Reconciliation

During any pharmaceutical or medical device production lot, a single missing or incorrectly printed label can wreak havoc on the efficiency and quality of your operations. Acquire can eliminate those worries with our inspection and reconciliation solutions.

Our Medical Device and Pharmaceutical clients are looking for a high speed off-line solution to meet all of the label printing demands related to manufacturing. Clients often have low volume products that cannot justify the investment of a high speed labeler and applicator for each product. In today’s manufacturing market, it can be challenging to find a truly turnkey, robust system for your label printing, inspection, and reconciliation needs. Acquire has perfected our Label Printer and Reconciliation System (LPRS) for complete inspection and accountability within your label management and labeling processes. Many customers choose the off-line mobile version of the LPRS to meet all of their unique label printing needs, while others select our Prism system for high speed in-line manufacturing label inspection.

With our highly robust user interface, we not only simplify label printing, inspection, and accountability, but we also ensure that specific product information can be uniquely identified for traceability throughout the entire manufacturing process. The system includes auto generation of expiration dates and lot numbers and even a comprehensive audit trail to meet 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance. LPRS also provides capability to integrate to your Track and Trace ERP solutions to meet the challenges of anti-counterfeiting, unit level serialization requirements, E-Pedigree, and product track and trace.

Our field-experienced experts configure our standard, easy to use interface to meet your unique manufacturing and production needs.

If you’d like to speak with an LPRS specialist, contact us here or call 317.849.3350 today for a free, no-obligation impact assessment.