Tray & Vial Counting

Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Reconciliation

Tray & Vial Counting

During any pharmaceutical production lot, a single missing product can wreak havoc on the efficiency and quality of your operations. Acquire can eliminate those worries with our tray inspection systems (TIS). Designed specifically to provide your pharmaceutical manufacturing company maximum accountability and reconciliation, our TIS units inspect injectable products including glass vials, syringes, ampoules, and products contained in trays. The systems are generally installed between segmented filling and finishing/labeling operations to ensure 100% accountability.

Our expert engineers recognize that each company has its own unique needs in terms of footprint, portability versus permanence, and rate of throughput. We have, therefore, developed three distinct system sizes to accommodate the needs of your specific company.

TIS 1000

  • Small footprint
  • Manual Tray Processing
  • Designed for Portability
  • Minimal Moving Parts

TIS 2000

  • Medium Footprint
  • Single Conveyor System
  • Automatic Tray Handling
  • Illuminated Clearance Area below Conveyor
  • Dual Front and Rear HMIs

TIS 3000

  • Dual Conveyor System
  • Automatic Tray Handling and Rejection
  • Higher System Throughput
  • Ergonomically-designed Operator Interface
  • Illuminated Clearance Area below Conveyors
  • Dual Front and Rear HMIs

As you can see, Acquire has taken care of everything—we have a system that will work for your tray inspection and reconciliation needs. Our field-experienced engineers will come to you and handle the process from beginning to end to ensure you have the right solution for your pharmaceutical company’s needs.

If you’d like to speak to a TIS Reconciliation specialist, contact us here or call (317) 849-3350 today for a free, no-obligation impact assessment.